Condominium Management


Liaising between board of directors, unit owners, tenants, banks, contractors and lawyers

Updating unit owners list

Secretarial services to the corporation including typing and reproduction of newsletters, notices etc.

Responding to all complaints and/or disputes, in a prompt and diligent manner

Arranging for proper insurance coverage for corporation and board of directors

Preparation of monthly financial statements available for owners and board members.

Conduct all banking functions for the corporation and ensure signing officers on the accounts are up to date.

Pre-authorized payment set up to pay for common element fees.

Budget forecasting to prepare for cash flow and large expenditures.

Keeping board of directors and owners regularly informed of upcoming work schedules

Preparation of status certificates

Ensuring that residents are informed of the rules and regulations provided in the by-laws of the condominium corporation

Policy manual review and update

Keeping board of directors and owners apprised of information pertaining to Condominium Act and the new regulations within

Coordinate the audit and reserve fund studies.

Monitoring the reserve fund and planning for the future.

Arranging special assessments and/or other unit charges.

Invoice approval and review from our contractors.

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